Smashing Android UI

Smashing Android UI is a book published by Wiley and written by me. The book handles various UI patterns and UI components including examples and explanations how to use them correctly.

The books's target audience is developers and designers alike. Designers will be able to get a good overview of the available components and implementation approach of advanced Android UI components. Understanding the code examples or technical implementation is not mandatory for learning about Android when reading this book.

For developers this book explains use of many of the Android's UI components as well as more advanced concepts like responsive design to support multiple screen sizes and design patterns to create apps that look and feel like they belong to Android.

Buying the book

The book is currently available from multiple sources and you can pick the one you like the best. This list below is not complete and if you know a store that stocks the book (in ebook form or physical please leave a comment below and I'll add it here).

Google Play
Amazon US - Kindle edition
Amazon UK - Kindle edition
Amazon DE - Kindle edition

Companion App

When writing the book I decided to try something new that I have not seen in tech books before. I created a companion app which contains all the examples of the book. While app is open source and you can browse any implementation details (see below) the point of the app is to give the reader a feel of the examples while reading the book. In the book each example has an attached QR code next to it. While reading you can simply scan the code and if you have the companion app installed the corresponding example will open on your phone. You can play around with animations, back stack etc. I hope this will make the reading experience more pleasant.

Head to Google Play and download the free companion app now: Smashing Android UI Companion

Example Source Code
The source code for the companion app containing all the examples of the book is available from github at:


I really want to hear what you think about the book. The best way to get into contact with me is to join the discussion in Google+. I have created a page for the book where the discussion will be centralised. Please leave a comment in the threads and let me know if you found the book helpful or not. As a first time author this has been a learning process for me and constructive criticism is the best feedback I can get!

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