Monday, 3 December 2012

Win a Free Smashing Android UI Book!

Wiley, the publisher of my book "Smashing Android UI", was nice enough to promise to give away few copies of my book for free.

How to participate?

It's easy. Simply post to Google+ (publicly) or twitter a link to this post and use tag #SmashingAndroidUI.

For example: "I want to get a free #SmashingAndroidUI book! See for details!"

There are no country limits for participating. As long as you live somewhere where Wiley will be able to ship the book you can participate!

The competition will end at Monday 17.12.2012. That's two weeks from now. That should leave time for everyone to send out their G+s and tweets.

How are the winners picked?

Once the competition time has expired I'll do a random pick from all participants from Google+ and twitter and pick three winners. I'll then contact the winners directly.

If you win

I need a way to contact you in case you win. Remember to check your DMs / mentions on twitter and Google+ direct shares after the contest is over. I'd like to publish the names and countries of the winners here once the winners are picked but I'll ask you first if you're OK with it.

The books are sent to winners directly by Wiley. They informed me that the shipping time can vary between countries. Winners in UK / Europe will be getting their books faster than winners elsewhere but they will get there.

Please review the book

For the winners as well for anyone else who has already got the book I'd really like to encourage to write a review of the book to a book site like Amazon. The reviews really help! Please consider taking the time to do that. I'm really looking forward to feedback to understand what works and especially what doesn't!

Buying the book

If you don't want to wait you can still jump in and buy the book right away. It's available from multiple sources. I've listed some places you can get it on the book page here.