Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Modern Android UI Patterns

In the latest Android Design in Action Roman Nurik (watch in YouTube) did a great roundup of UI design patterns that have not yet made their way to the official guidelines but are starting to appear in apps more frequently.

I recommend for you to watch the ADiA video if you haven't yet for great explanations for each of them (watch in YouTube (direct link to the design patter portion of the show). And don't forget to send your appreciation of the work Roman has been doing to help all of us to get head start to these patterns by providing example implementation for almost all of the patterns (links below).

Done + discard

Roman's post about this topic is here and code for implementation can be found here.


Undo bar

Roman's post about this topic is here and code for implementation can be found here.

Quick return

Roman's related post can be found here and implementation here.

Tokenized text field

Roman's post about this is here and some coding tips can be found from the Android AOSP here.

Bezel swipe


  1. Please fix the link for Roman's post about Done + discard

  2. Great, but UI patterns go out of fashion nearly as quick as they pop up. Dashboard anyone ?

    Now someone has to create an app with all current trendy patterns in existence. No doubt such an app would be awesome.

    1. Once a pattern is established I don't think it goes out very fast. Dashboard is a good example of a design pattern that is still in use while it has changed a lot visually. The side (drawer) navigation has just replaced it for many cases as the new pattern is better solving the same problem dashboard solves in more complex apps. But modern apps still use dashboard very successfully. Take a look at Songkick app.

  3. There aren't links to pin-to-device and Bezel swipe patterns. Could you link them, please?