Thursday, 8 March 2012

ActionBarSherlock 4 Released

Jake Wharton has just released the lates version of his great Open Source ActionBarSherlock library. The version 4 brings ICS Action bar compatibility to all Android versions. ABS library is a feature complete backport of the ICS action bar.

Head to to download the library and to read the documentation.

There's also a blog post by Jake about the release. Check it out here.
This date of release was chosen because of its historical significance within the scope of ActionBarSherlock. Exactly one year ago the first version, 1.0, was tagged and released. If you read the history lesson blog post you’ll know that this version only lasted 24 hours before 2.0 came along but it still represents the very first milestone. Version 4.0 is another huge milestone so the fact that it is occurring on the same date should help convey its significance.

Fragmentation, be gone!
I want to thank Jake and everyone else who has contributed to this project! Take that fragmentation! Backports like this allow us, the developers and designers concentrate in making awesome apps with greta user experience without being tied down by Android platform versions distributions.

Example Apps
There are also example apps that you can download from Google Play to see the library in action:

The example apps let you try each feature on your device and see if they're what you're looking for. Full source code of all the examples is also available from the project GitHub site.