Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Quick Look to Two New Apps

Android market app quality is definitely on the rise despite of couple of disasters. I wanted to take a quick look at two new apps that I'm happy to welcome to the Android Market.


Vimeo's new app is visually very pleasing. While the visual style could easily fit to iOS it is not actually a copy of their existing design but a new one. There is no doubt that the designers behind this app are very familiar with iOS and likely not yet experienced with Android look and feel. 

The app has few problems though. Firstly, maybe most notably, it doesn't support landscape mode on any other screen than on video playback (which in turn doesn't support portrait). I have no doubt that this will be fixed soon.

All in all this app looks and feels very nice. Good job Vimeo.

Market link

This app design is much more direct port of an existing design than the Vimeo app. But it's not bad. They have taken the time to adapt to Android platform (other than the bottom tabs). The app looks and feels very nice.