Monday, 3 October 2011

Free Android UI library & component roundup

Android platform has managed to form a massive and active community of developers in just few years. Many community driven projects are now maturing to the stage that they can be used even on commercial production software without having to worry about quality.

I'm listing here free and open source Android UI libraries and components that I know of. If you know any that you would recommend please leave a comment, tweet me or email me and I'll add it to the list.

UI component libraries

Project website:
Example app market link

This project provides implementation for following UI design patterns:

  • Action Bar
  • Quick Actions
  • Workspaces
  • Dynamic List
+ many more useful components

Project website:
Example app market link

Until Google's APIs for action bars for phones come out with ICS this project is the project to use.

Jake has lately moved his project beyond just Action Bars. There are components for workspaces and more.

Android Compatibility Package

This is an official extension for Android libraries from Google. It contains a lot of very useful APIs. The package also contains implementation for workspaces UI design pattern.

UI components

Project website:

This is the official Google I|O app (also used for GDDs). The app implements a lot of UI design patterns and has beenused as the reference implementation by Google's Android dev advocates.
I especially recommend using implementation of the Dashboard UI design pattern from this app.
(Google code link to

This project's implementation of Workspaces UI design pattern looks and feels very close to what for example Google docs is using.

Project website:
This project can be used to implement a cover flow. Check out their video on the project site for more info.

[Update 2011-10-03. Thanks: Jake (@JakeWharton), Akshay (@akshaydashrath), David (@dcaunt)]

Project website:
This project lets devs add badges to views without having to change layout files.

Project website:
This project implements dynamic list / pull to refresh UI design pattern.

Project website:
This project can be used to implement workspaces UI design pattern.
Example app market link


  1. Hi, thanks for your blog, a question, how can you implement an action bar across all the activities within an application? According to all the components previously seen you have to include the component on each XML that serves as a layout for a given activity, any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Could I humbly suggest Metawidget ( It's a different kind of UI library from the ones you list here, but may be of interest.

    If you get chance to try it out, I'd be most grateful for your feedback.

  3. Richard, you serious? Those widgets look absolutely horrendous!

    1. I have read your post and thankful to you that you provide free android UI library which is very helpful to developer..

  4. Seriously thanks very much, very helpful post