Sunday, 26 June 2011

Tablet pattern collection

Everyone and their grand mother seems to be building Android Honeycomb tablets. That will have the same effect in the tablet market space than the flood of Android handsets had in the smartphone market. Android will be big.

Writing software for tablets is different from smartphones even if the platform is Android on both. Not all same UI design patterns work on tablets that do on elsewhere.

Google has also said that Honeycomb is the direction they'll take in the future with Android. The upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich will merge Gingerbread with Honeycomb. For app developer it meas that even if they are not targeting tablets just yet it is beneficial to get familiar with the APIs. Supporting Honeycomb is a good way to future proof apps.

That's why I started a new set of Android UI design patterns. I created another collection page specifically for Android tablet UI design patterns. You can find the page on top of the page or here.

I would love to hear your comments and ideas on what is tablet design all about!