Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Adapting and extending UI design patterns

Using UI design patterns in app design doesn't have to mean that creativity need to be hampered. I've gathered few examples of apps that have adapted the default implementation of some of the patterns.


Here's few visually very different dashboard implementations. Recipes app has a very strong background image (maybe too strong) but what is more interesting is the way they've included a search box on the page.

Open caching app's dashboard is visually very pleasing. Nothing too fancy but it gives nice map-like feel to the front page. Phandroid app's dashboard on the other hand advertises upcoming features on its dashboard.

Gowalla has nicely styled dashboard page and action bar. I also like the visual style of tabs blending into the action bar.

Earthquake! app's two tabs are located in the action bar. The app only has two screens and they both are on the same level so it makes sense to modify the normal home button by splitting it into two.

This app is simply beautiful. The app's landing page is skillfully designed to give users clear understanding and shortcuts to the app's most important functionality. It also has controls to 3 most important settings.

Other screens in the app equally beautifully designed. Tabs are beautifully skinned and very functional. Tapping on the app logo also brings user to the app front page.